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The bow wire can sometimes break once you pull it right back, so that you needs extras readily available just in case this occurs. Powered down, pulled the batteries, replaced and bam, the lcd would come on. The final time I sent it back they gave the cam's internals a good re-working and it seemed to work fine for a few months. If you wish to do this kind of hunting, you can find basic materials you ought to get. Maybe they have a help line you could use.

Leaf river trail camera manual. Battery indicator still showing full. Turned out it was not formatted.

Anyone here have a Leaf River IR-3BU I need the manual (PDF)

The display window wont turn on and I have checked the batteries and everything else works fine. However, this seems to be a result of batteries getting low into the third week of use. The best part is that I've read that user manual at least a dozen times and have never been able to figure it out. Anyway I brought the camera inside, set at the same settings as it was in the field, and had no problems with the camera's performance.

All I can tell is that he is a buck. Best regards, Lorenzo Rossi.

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Anyone here have a Leaf River IR-3BU I need the manual (PDF)

We use the strap, which is easy to use. You also might want to check your batteries just because the package was unopened doesn't mean that they are always fully charged? They related that without the jump the camera may run into some problems. Bow hunting the most popular recreations the sportsmen. However, they are slow about answering emails sometimes.

Numerous hunters have deep blisters on their hands after their very first time bow hunting. So the batteries were the problem, just aggravating that the battery meter is a joke. Covert Game Camera Troubleshooting The Sandersons unwittingly became part of a splintered national debate about the role of video cameras in long-term care facilities. Us American hunters usually don't hear much about Eurpoean hunting, and we or at least, myself find information about hunting and hunters in other parts of the world interesting.

How have you been testing it? No need to be fancy, just an overview. One Bat- tery icon is for the Infra-red Illuminator D batteries, one is for the camera D batteries, and the other is for the C batter- ies which power the motion detector. The margins were sometimes as high as several hundred events to less than a hundred pics. By the way, may I ask if you use the camera for hunting in Italy?

Leaf River IR-3BU

However, the cycle started again and now the cam is dead. Eminent biologist Edward O. This may additionally boost your grip on the bow and arrow, enhancing your shot.

Leaf River IR-3BU Manuals

Leaf River IR-3BU Manuals

Maybe you could try removing the battries for a few min. Went to check it today and move it a bit. The cam is also a good cam when it works.

Turn the dial to the right to increase the distance. The pictures just weren't written onto the card. Use the supplied picture editing software to enhance the contrast of night pictures before you have prints made. Do you walk in front of the camera at night or in a dark room, or have you just not had any night videos while the camera is in the woods?

If you are having that problem, then that is where we both stand. Its usually better to call them. Bow searching is one of the quickest growing activities on the planet.

Too bad not Lookout in Video mode. The older unit ended up dying on me. Forums New posts Search forums.

Luckily for us, bow searching materials are easy to acquire at just about any outside recreation and searching shop. You will absolutely be grateful which you did. It was working like a champ then. Try various combinations of this. Also there's no pattern or rhyme and reason to when it takes the pictures.

When I first got my Leaf River a year ago, I had problems with the movie mode working, and I had to send it back. Anyone have any suggestions? Figure hmmm either I am doing something wrong, or something is wrong with the camera. The time before last I went to check my camera and could not get the lcd display to turn on.

It should be all ready to take videos. Haven't bought a new one yet to go back in it. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Leaf River IR-3BU Instruction Manual

If so, what do you hunt there? However, I think they need to change their overseas manufacturer. Choosing the proper form of arrows is really as essential as selecting the correct bow. The second unit, a model, generally works well. If the settings are correct, then it might be a technical problem with the camera.

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However, Leaf River fixed it for me. My brother has also had problems with his Leaf River, sony drx-840u driver for windows 7 although his flat out wouldn't read memory cards or write the pictures. Leaf River Outdoor Products.

And just this last time I pulled the card, I had only daytime clips. Although this is really a more than acceptable method to hunt, it may be less of a ability than hunting having bow and arrow is.