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Help would be much appreciated from anyone because I am sadly replacing my beloved old Office Keyboard. What about the businesses? From here, what happens on your system may differ, but this is what happens on mine.

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When it completes, you may see yet another dire warning that the program is not compatible. Next you need to convert the.

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Even if it shows your keyboard is something else, the edit buttons work, atleast on mine it does. For the no wheel support, is that with all programs or just some of them? No, I have no solution for this problem.

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And can any gurus explain which items are stored in the registry, and when and how? Ignore them and continue to install per the installation instructions. It was obvious this opened sub-folder was nothing but Office Keyboard related paths and values. Now there is nothing for business, man, even office depot is selling multimedia keyboards.

Thunderbird is opening, ok, but every time with the first tab postbox. If you are like me you have downloaded or loaded several different versions of IntelliType Pro setup programs. Especially since the multimedia keyboard has everything working except the scroll wheel.

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Discontinuing it was a stupid idiotic decision, whoever did it was on drugs I guess, and discontinuing its drivers is another idiotic decision on top of the first one. Make this script start at Windows startup with a shortcut in Start menu. Both configured as Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth.

So i found something new to have the keyboard working completely, scroll wheel included. It took me ages but now my Office Keyboard operates in Vista. Forget useless multimedia buttons. It is the best I ever had.

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Condense the various categories so only the title of the category shows. So it is offered as a base for others to customize to their needs.

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How hard would it be to develop drivers for it? Just scroll down until you find your sound card name or model number and then download the drivers via the link you're given.

If you didn't wanted to support this keyboard to sell others, you could at least sell one nearly as good as this as working keyboard. Hi BarCode, Does this look right? The trick is determining parentage and is not easy to do. You can tweak the number following WheelUp or WheelDown.

Just a warning, I think that maybe running the overall setup the one you download under compat mode may not work. While I'm not seeing any available as of the last update to this page, any Microtek scanner drivers that may be made available will be downloadable via Microtek Support. Would it be easier to just use a script with ones own mapping for all the keys one needs?

When I tried deleting the related files in the registry, it was not obvious to me at all which were the ones to go. So my fear of a virus is nil. Delete all text and then you can paste the script command lines listed in the above post. That may be a clue that something isn't working quite right but I'm not used in working with Keyboard Macro software.

How can Microsoft abandon the workers like this? How can a cheap piece of plastic and driver work when Microsoft has neutered it's own. In the event that someone at Microsoft is reading this, please pass on to someone that cares, kyocera fs-c5350dn kx driver business people like their Office keyboard.

Delete every occurrence found in this registry search that is associated with any version of Office Keyboard. So I'm sure it will also work with Vista. Wait about one or more minutes before rebooting. We change the Files button appears in the config utility as Messenger button in most keyboards to open Word.

All special keys should work, appart the scroll wheel. To me, this remains the best keyboard for work stuff. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Originally Posted by iKerry. Fortunately, I use the scroll wheel on my Intellimouse Optical mouse.

My two keyboards now work with all functions uncluding the wonderful scroll wheel. Same pb with Office Keyboard on Vista.

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If I get a better email address from him I will post it here. The installation program starts and shows files being extracted. For me this is a deal breaker because I love my keyboard with the cut, copy, paste buttons and the scroll wheel on the left side of the keyboard. It doesn't appear that anyone has replaced it with something similiar. Find More Posts by iKerry.